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1.      Balekambang Beach
The beach possessing three islands with distance of about one hundred meters each, two of which have been connected with one meter-wide bridge to the shore, Balekambang offers a different atmosphere of beach resorts in the Southern part of Malang. One of the three islands called Ismoyo island has a Hindu temple, established by local Hinduists. Annually, the ritual and traditional ceremonies Jalanidhipuja (Hindu ceremony) and Suran (Javanese New Year ceremony) are held here every year. The parking area, stalls, inns, souvenir shops, and the others tourism facilities has provided for the visitors. This beautiful beach is located at Srigonco village, Bantur district, about 57 km away to the south from Malang. While enjoy the beach you may also wonderful waves with soft sea wind, watch the sunset and sunrise in this beach and do some of beach activities, such as; swimming, sun bathing, fishing, etc.

2.      Coban Pelangi Waterfall

Coban Pelangi is a beautiful waterfall, which located about 32 km away to the East Malang. It has natural, cool, and clean water that gives a peaceful impression. This waterfall can be reached on the way to Mount Bromo via Malang city. Find a lovely mountain resort, beautiful panorama, impressive view of apple fruits and 5 vegetables. The Water fall site is in the village named Gubuk Klakah, the one belonging to Poncokusumo district.

3.      Coban Rondo Waterfall
Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful water fall on the slope of Mount Panderman resort that its about 32 km to the west from Malang, it is very interesting to see and visit. The height of waterfall is about 60 meter, visitor can find and enjoy beautiful panorama ore peaceful impression around the waterfall. The are some facilities on this area : camping ground, jogging track, fishing or playing with elephants from The Elephants' School Waykambas Lampung - Sumatra.

4.      Jajaghu/Jago Temple
Jajaghu or Jago temple was constructed in 1275 - 1300 AD. It believed as the burial place of King Wisnuwardhana ashes, the fourth king of Singosari kingdom. It is extremely interesting that the temple has ornament similarities to those of Penataran temple in Blitar Regency. It lies at Jago village, Tumpang District, the eastern part of Malang in distance about 22 km.

5.      Kidal Temple
Kidal temple is located in Rejo Kidal village, Tumpang district, about 24 km away to the East from Malang city. The Real height of the temple is 17 meters, but now it's just 12,4 meters. Kidal temple is one of Malang's historical temple that save history value. The temple base has a shape square. The door is one in west side. Above the door of the temple, there are "Kepala Kala" (Head of Giants) and lions. The temple was decorated using ornaments, which depict Mahabharata story not in sequence.

6.      Ngliyep Beach
Ngliyep beach has beautiful rocky beach at the southern part of Malang Regency, where gigantic waves meet coral reef. In addition, it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach. This beach is provided with some facilities such as: stalls, souvenir shop, inns, etc.
Annually the traditional ceremony Labuhan Mulud (offering ceremony) is held here. Labuhan Mulud is the traditional ceremony that always held in the beach at Malang regency. Ngliyep beach lies at Kedungsalam village, Donomulyo district, about 62 km a way to the south from Malang. Visit Ngliyep beach and enjoy its wonderful waves. The visitors can swimming, sun bathing, or fishing.

7.      Sempu Island
Sempu island is the of famous island in Malang Region and its has an exotic peaceful Island. Sempu Island is a small island in the south of Java Island, geographically, the Sempu Island located between 112 ° 40 '45 "- 112 ° 42' 45" east longitude and 8 ° 27 '24 "- 8 ° 24' 54" south latitude. The island has an area of approximately 877 hectares, bordering the Strait Sempu (Blue Spring) and surrounded the Indian Ocean on the south, east and west. Island Sempu has four mangrove ecosystem of the forest ecosystem, coastal ecosystem, the ecosystem of the lake and lowland tropical forest. Name Sempu island it self is actually derived from the name of a type of medicinal plants that are currently very rare, ie Sempu tree. Strangely, though named the island Sempu, none Sempu trees still standing in the tropical forests and coastal forests of the island. In fact, many other types of trees that flourished there, like Bendo and other giant trees. The island it self can be say quiet place where is no one around, isolated from the outside world, population is zero, no electricity, no signal for your cellphone and no drinkable water, except one hidden oasis in the deep jungle. Most exotic part of Sempu Island is Segara Anakan. It is like a lake with salty water where is bordered by high reef. The supply of the water is from ocean when the high wave bring it into the border reef.

8.      Sendang Biru Beach
Sendang Biru is one of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang Regency, which free from tumulous waves of Indian Ocean due to the existence of wild life Sempu Island, about 300 meters offshore. Sendang Biru Beach located about 70 km away to the south from Malang at Tambakrejo village, Sumbermanjing Wetan district.

9.      Singosari Temple
Singosari temple, also known as Kendedes temple, was founded in honor to King Kertanegara, the last king of Singosari dynasty who died in 1292 AD. It was erected in 1300 AD at the same time when the ritual Sradha took place. In the vicinity of the temple there are two gigantic statue called Dwarapala, believed to be the entrance guards to the palace. This temple has saved the historical story that always remember by Malang public. However, Singosari temple is a symbol of the existence of Malang regency from years ago. As the other East Java's temple, Singosari temple is formed from red bricks and arranged in cone building, called temple. This temple also has beautiful relief that describe the great of Singosari Kingdom years ago.

10.  Sumberawan Temple
Sumberawan Temple that located in the foothills of Mount Arjuna to the north east of Malang, is one of a Buddhist statue in East Java. Dating from about the end of 14th century or beginning of 15th century, this site has been identified with Kasurangganan, or 'the garden of the heavenly nymphs', which is mentioned in the Nagarakertagama as having been visited by King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit in 1359. Sumberawan temple is located about 1 kilometer of Singhasari temple gateway, which in Hindu style. To reach Sumberawan temple, the visitors should walk on a path between rice field and river through 500 meters of roadway of Sumberawan village. It surrounded by nature panorama and has natural water source. It said that the water of Sumberawan pool has great energy for health. Some visitors always take a bath in this pool. They don’t want to pass it. The temple is in Buddhist style and formed a statue without any accessories. Temple’s body is rectangular and contain of two parts. The temple is one of beautiful temple in East Java, because of its location. Every ‘Waisak’ (Buddha Holiday), Sumberawan Temple is visited by many Buddhist to celebrate the life of the Buddha. They usually come in the evening and having meditation.

11.  Wonosari - Lawang Tea Plantation
This plantation pleasure gives a special and peaceful impression, beautiful panorama of tea plantation. The plantation is situated at an area on the slope of mount Arjuno, it belongs to Wonosari - Toyomarto village, Singosari district. In this tourist object, visitors can watch and enjoy the special impression, processing of tea from the leaves taken to the tea ready to drink. The location is reachable, about 30 km away to the North from Malang. Facilities: swimming pool, cottages, jogging tracks area, camping grounds, and many more.

12.  Senaputra Park
Senaputra Park located on Jl. Belakang RSUD Syaiful Anwar is the recreational area of the city and completed with playground for children, traditional art performance like "Jaran Kepang and Mask Dance" that held continuously. "Jaran Kepang and Mask Dance" is held frequently. There are many visitors have visit this recreation park with their family in holidays. They usually have family recreation with bring their lunch here.

13.  Ceramic and Rattan Craft
Another option when visit Malang its also can visit the Ceramic and Rattan Craft. The typical ceramic Malang can visit at around Jl. MT Haryono and Jl. Mayjen Panjaitan and for Rattan Craft at Arjosari its about 5 km from Malang City.

14.      Kondang Merak Beach

This beautiful beach named Kondang Merak Beach is located in Donomulyo sub-district, Malang Selatan District or Bantur, Malang, East Java, which is about 68 kilometers from Malang city. This beach is one of south coastal beaches of East Java other than Balekambang Beach. The different is that Kondang Merak Beach looks more natural and not too crowded. The beach is also one of ornamental fish producers. It’s said that in the past, local people often saw peacocks coming to this beach for a drink of fresh water around the beach. Since peacocks often stopped to this place then this beach became famous. That makes this beach then known as Merak (Peacock) Kondang Beach. The scenery around this beach is quite beautiful with breezing wind blow, coupled with its quite soft white sand felt on feet. There are also big coral reefs available on this beach. Those big coral rocks will be interesting to see when the tide is low. This is because that the reef previously covered with sea water is going to appear to the surface. No need to worry because there are also some lodgings, restaurants, mosques even camping ground available here. For restaurants, of course the menus offered are mostly seafood.

15. Sengkaling Amusement Park

Sengkaling Amusement Park is located in Raya Mulyoagung Street No.188, Dau district, Malang Regency around 10km from the main city. It is in the strategic location to be accessed by both personal and public transportations due of the arena that is right on the edge of the Malang - Batu highway. Sengkaling Amusement Park in Malang is a family tourism spot which provides many kinds of rides for pleasuring the tourists such as playground, land and water rides, multipurpose building, and swimming pools. It is in accordance with its slogan,Wisata Air Impian Keluarga or aquatic park family dream. The land is about 9 hectares, which around 6 hectares of it included fresh park and trees. The amusement park is opened from 06.00 until 17.00 WIB in order to give freedom for the public and family who want to visit and enjoy the park.

Even though it is not as complete as Jatim Park 1 and 2, Sengkaling Amusement Park also has some interesting rides which are dominated with water games rides such as swimming pool and fake lake. It is very suitable place for children who love playing water. The list of rides includes: Bumper Boat, Boat Pool, Mystery Pool, Pesona Primitif (primitive world), Kolam Pesona Tirta Alam (Tirta Alam Pool), Kolam Pesona Tirta Sari (Tirta Sari Pool), Motor Boat, Kolam Cumi-cumi, Sepeda Air, Go Kart, Flying Fox, Wahana Ikan, Kapal Misteri, Kiddy Ride, Bioskop 4 Dimensi, Don-Don Car, ATV, Kiddy Train, Bom Bom Car, Marry Go Round, Kiddy Car, Kiddy Plane, Trampolin, Kincir Angin, Mini Trail, Goa Salju, Istana Dimensi, and Taman Satwa

16. Splendid-Birds Market

Contrary to the Surabaya bird market, splendid is not an official market (which run by the government/seller pay monthly rent). This is just a 'happen to be' a bird market where seller gather to sell their merchants (bird). So no official building here, the 'market' stretches along this Jalan (Street) Brawijaya. Despite selling birds, Splendid also has rabbits, hamsters, cats, snakes, and other animals for sale. In addition, this place has pretty complete flowers collections.

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