Malang city is like other cities in Indonesia that has just grown after the presence of the Dutch colonial government . Public facilities are created in such a way to fulfill the needs of the Dutch families. Discriminatory impression was still exist until now. For example, Ijen Boulevard region, that region is only enjoyed by Dutchfamilies and other Europeans, while the natives have to settle for living in the suburbs with inadequate facilities.Now, that housing area becomes a monument that holds mystery. It also invites Dutch families who have everlived there for having nostalgia (recalled memories of the past).

In 1879, Malang began to operate trains. Since that time, Malang grown rapidly. Various needs of society are totally increasing, especially for the space in doing many activities. As a result, there was a change in land use. There were so many buildings emerging uncontrollably .The change of land use changes very rapidly , such as agriculture function changes to housing and industry.

Along the above developments, urbanization process was still continuing and the housing needs increasedbeyond the ability of the government, while the rate of urbanist economy was very limited. As a result, therewere housings that were generally growing wild around the area of trade, green line, rivers, railroads andunclaimed land. After a short time later, it became the settlement areas, and the degradation of environmental quality began to happen with all of its impact. That symptoms are likely to continue to increase, and it is difficult to imagine what would happen if the problem is ignored.

Overview of History Governance

1.       Malang was a kingdom that was centered in the Dinoyo region, the king was Gajayana.

2.       1767, Dutch colonial entered Malang City.

3.       1821, Position of the Dutch government concentrated around Brantas river.

4.       1824, Malang had a Resident Assistant

5.       1882, Houses in the west of city was founded then Malang city built a park in the city center.

6.       1 April 1914Malang was set as a municipality.

7.       8 March 1942, Malang was colonized by Japan.

8.       21 September 1945, Malang became territory of the Indonesian Republic.

9.       22 July 1947, Malang was colonized by Dutch.

10.    2 March 1947,The Government of the Indonesian republic back to the Malang city.

11.    1 January 2001 ,Malang made the government of Malang city.