Menuju Malang

Malang that is located in East Java is easy to reach for the traveler . Many kinds of transportation for having holiday in Malang is available such as train , bus , and airplane. For example , Jakarta - Malang can be reached in 1 hour and 30 minutes to 20 hours for the traveler, depending on their choices of accommodation .

1 . Airplane

This is the fastest way to Malang . Pretty fly for 1 hour 30 minutes and your feet instantly touched down Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport . There are several airlines serving routes from Jakarta to Malang include Garuda Indonesia , Sriwijaya and Batavia Air. The price offered for the journey from Jakarta to Malang for Batavia Air is about Rp. 1.1 million . As for Sriwijaya is about Rp. 1.3 million . Lastly, Garuda Indonesia offers a roundtrip ticket with a price of about Rp. 1.8 million . The frequency of flights to this destination are two times per day .

2 . Train

The second fastest way to reach this apple city is by train . For an executive train, travel time can pass 14 hours . For the economic train , certainly longer. The trip could take up to 20 hours , depending on the travel condition. From the official website of PT Kereta Api , for train executives , the journey is started from Gambir Station . Gajayana executive train will take passengers to Malang with tariff of Rp 410.000 . There is also an economic train “AC Senja Majapahit” that depart from Pasar Senen station with a ticket price of Rp 275.000 . There is also a train “Matarmaja”  that has a ticket Rp 51.000, departing from Pasar Senen Station.

3 . Bus

For those who have enough time and want to enjoy the ride, they can use a bus . There are several buses for Antar Kota Antar Provinsi ( AKAP ) which departed from Jakarta to Malang such as Lorena , Malino , Safari Dharma Raya and Kramat Djati. For executive buses , the ticket price is according to the services. Prices range are from Rp. 210.000-250.000. This price is completed by a food buffet and snack .

4 . Personal vehicle

For those who want to have a roadtrip by car or motorcycle can try overland trip from Jakarta to Malang with two passing lines . You can pass the pantura or the south path . Try to pass Kediri because after that there is a beautiful route with beautiful scenery. From Kediri, you can continue the trip to the Pare which then continues to Kandangan , Pujon , Batu and arrive to Malang . This route is having winding route and beautiful scenery because there is no a lot of housing in the right and left of the road.



Menuju Malang