Malang Culinary

There are so many fantastic culinaries in Malang, some of them are:

1.      Soto Ayam Lamongan Oro-Oro Dowo

Depot soto ayam lamongan oro-oro dowo has been exist in Malang since 1980s. The taste of this soto is so tasty likes others soto lamongan. There is something that makes this soto so special, this menu does not use koyah coconut like others soto. However, the taste of this soto is so tasty and delicious. This depot is located in Jl. Mayjend D.I Panjaitan that opens from noon till night so that you can enjoy this soto  throughout the day.



2.      Prambanan Fried Chicken

Fried chicken that is served in this restaurant is so different from others. The chicken is type of “ayam kampung”which are famous with its savory taste and other advantages. The one that makes this fried chicken different from others is its special secret seasoning. Completing this fried chicken, there are special sambal, lalapan, empal satay, tahu & tempe, and jerohan(innards of chicken) that accompany the presentation of prambanan fried chicken.

This restaurant also freeing customers to choose their own menu to be served. Customers can choose specific part of chicken and whole chicken to be fried. One chicken is about Rp. 36.000

The location of this restaurant is in Jl. Bromo three junction, besides bromo church, Malang. This restaurant is opened from noon till night.





3.      Soto Ayam Lombok

Malang also has soto ayam lombok as its culinary. The presentation of this soto consists of rice, shredded chicken, chopped potatoes, sprouts, pumpkin, chicken egg with a special savory sauce, sprinkled with the typical koyah made ​​from grated coconut fried and gentle chopped of celery.One portion of soto ayam lombok is about Rp. 12.000

Soto ayam lombok has some branches in east Java. The branch in Malang is located in Jl. Tlogomas Dinoyo No. 50 that is opened from morning till night.



4.      Rujak Manis Semeru

Rujak manis is an Indonesian traditional food consisting of chopped fresh fruit. This food is like fruit salad with spicy peanut sauce. Rujak manis semeru is not like others rujak in Indonesia, this rujak have chunk of tofu and krupuk as complement. Another characteristic of rujak manis semeru is a special seasoning that is made ​​from fine beans mixed with palm sugar added liquid fried onions savory, that combination create a great flavor in this rujak.

Rujak manis semeru is located in Jl. Semeru, Malang  in front of the Gajayana stadium that is opened from noon till evening.



5.      Kupang Kraton Hj. Qomariah

Kupang is a kind of small shell that live in the waters of littoral areas. Based on research, kupang has high nutrition and protein, we will find it in Pasuruan area. But for those who want to taste this food in Malang area, there is one recommended place for this. That is Kupang Kraton Hj. Qomariah. This kupang combines kupang boiled, broth, sweet paste and garlic. The menu is added by lontong  and lentho (lentho = fried dough made ​​from cassava and lotto beans). This kupang kraton is also know as kupang lontong because this dish is served with lontong. The taste of this food is very delicious It feels very delicious especially eaten while it is hot. You can find this special kupang kraton Hj. Qomariah in Jl. Dr. Cipto No.12 Malang that is opened only in the afternoon.



6.      Bakso Bakar Pak Man (Pak Man’s Grilled Meatball)

Bakso bakar Pak Man is a popular bakso in Malang. This meatball has special taste and aroma levels of meat and onion mixture that makes it different from others grilled meatball. There are several levels of spicy taste that is offered in Bakso Bakar Pak Man. They are not spicy, medium, and spicy. Be careful if you order the spicy taste level because if you can not hold then, instead of getting the delicacy of meatballs, spicy flavor will dominate the taste and actually detract the delicacy of meatballs. Besides, bakso bakar Pak Man also serves many kinds of Bakwan. For your information, bakso bakar Pak Man has been well known since 1990s. You can find this bakso in Jl. Diponegoro Malang.



7.      Rujak Cingur Amprong

Rujak cingur is one of traditional foods in East Java. For those who love the combination of vegetable and fruit,  you have to try rujak cingur. The main ingredients of this rujak consist of cingur “Lip of cow” (Java: Congor, Indonesia: bibir) that is boiled until cooked, sprouts, kale boiled, fried tofu and tempe, menjes (Indonesian: Bongkrek tempe), pineapple, kedondong, yam, cucumber and crackers then poured with spice blend shrimp paste, peanuts, fried onions, brown sugar and other secret spices. You can ask the level of spiciness to the seller. One depot that sells Rujak Cingur Amprong in Malang is located in Jl. Amprong Bengawan Solo, Malang.



Source: http://kuliner-khas-malang.blogspot.com/